Lana is the Eco-Warrior Mama behind Stella Stellina. Her high school thesis paper was on the disposable clothing industry. This awareness has been at the forefront of the building of Stella Stellina. With a bag full of unwanted t-shirts and a son drooling like a faucet; she found herself making drool bibs, a whole lot of drool bibs.


Our journey started on Vancouver Island, Canada. After owning a secondhand boutique; we realised the magnitude of the disposable clothing industry.  Garments that have gone out of style, stained, or have a hole; normally end up in the landfill. Our goal is to reduce this issue by upcycling & sourcing sustainable fabrics. Fast forward to an international move to Australia, we couldn’t find a regular dish cloth anywhere. Like any good seamstress we made our own! Now based in Geelong, VIC Australia and ever perfecting our zero waste low impact living.


We strive to make a little bit of Eco in every product we create. Here is how we achieve that Eco love:


  • Dish Cloths eliminate the need for plastic sponges & disposable cleaning cloths.
  • Sponges are made from upcycled coffee bags & organic cotton offcuts.
  • UnPaper Towel eliminates single use paper towel, made with 100% cotton fabric & 100% cotton thread.
  • Veggie Saver Bags are made from hemp/organic cotton & designed to reduce food waste.
  • Napkins are made from cotton fabric & designed to eliminate single-use paper napkins.
  • Market Totes are made from upcycled coffee bags, 100% cotton handles & 100% cotton thread.
  • Handkerchief Books are made from organic cotton & designed to eliminate paper tissues.
  • Baby wipes, reusable, made from organic cotton & cotton thread.
  • Furoshiki made from upcycled fabrics & designed to eliminate wrapping paper that often can’t be recycled.
  • Produce Bags are designed to eliminate the use of single-use plastics.
  • Garments that are of 1 size range are made from upcycled t-shirts.
  • Grow with me pants fit the child for 3 years; made from new Hemp/Organic Cotton fabric.



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