Reusable Greeting Card Set

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Set of 4 Reusable Greeting Cards. Come with 4 fabric envelopes.




Set of 4 reusable greeting cards.

Reusable Cards reduce the need for single use greeting cards. Gift one of our greetings cards and know that it can be passed on forever and ever.

What makes them reusable? Simply replace the inside paper with your own special message. Each card comes with a calico envelope, complete with satin ribbon to attach to a gift.

Cards measure 10 x 14 cms, the calico envelopes measure 17 x 12 cm. Embellishments are made from upcycled materials. We source our upcycled materials from fashion posters, cracker boxes, mailers, shoe boxes, the list is endless!

The fabric envelope is ideal for continued gifting, as the fabric will hold much longer than a paper envelope.

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Bird, Tree, Sunshine, Flower, Set of 4 Cards


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