UnPaper Towel




UnPaper Towel created to replace single use paper towel.

Designed similar size to regular paper towel, the beautiful quality of using flannel is that this fabric will naturally stick to itself. Creating a perfect roll of Unpaper towel. Our Unpaper towel fits on a regular paper towel holder. Single ply eliminates the need for snaps, as fabric naturally clings to itself. Holds & stands up well when it’s on the paper towel holder! Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for a video of how to roll UnPaper Towel onto the holder. Click Here to view our how-to video on our Facebook page.

—————Color & Fabric——————-

This listing is for a set of 6 flannel UnPaper Towel. Sewn with 100% cotton thread, at the very end of its lifecycle this bag will naturally return to earth.

————– Size ——————–

All items are handmade, sizing quoted is approximated. 30 x 35 cm 

Made from 100% Cotton Flannel with 100% Cotton Thread.

———Who, What & Where———–

All fabrics are washed in an Eco friendly laundry soap that is Free from Formaldehyde, Optic Brighteners, and Phosphates; it is safe for sensitive skin, 100% Bio-degrable, & PH neutral.

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Black, Blue Floral, Blue Leaf Butterfly Print, Blue/Lilac Flowers, Charcoal, Dandelion, Lilac Polkadots, Pink Floral, Rust, Solid Rainbow


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